textile tie down net 140 cm x 165 cm, with 4 ratchets

textile tie down net 140 cm x 165 cm, with 4 ratchets (1210)

The tie down net is usable to protect difficult goods in vans. For using to tie down or retral storage space division. The net is manufactured from 25 mm wide strap. The mesh width is approx. 23 cm, every mesh knot is fixed with a seam. On the sidewise edges there is a loop on each mesh knot. On the 4 edges there are straps with 1 m length to tie down the net. 4 ratchetparts with carabiners you can use to fix the net. The applications are multifarious. Simply to operate, and space-saving to store.

technical spezification:

  • textile net from Polyester strap, 25 mm wide
  • mesh width approx. 23 cm
  • with 4 straps on each edges
  • color yellow or blue
  • with 4 ratchet parts, length 25 cm with carabiner and ratchet 750 daN Zugkraft when pulled directly
  • german manufacture

The ratchet parts you can order seperatly.

item number 1210
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