bike lashing set front wheel capacity 1500 daN 6-piece

bike lashing set front wheel capacity 1500 daN 6-piece (969)

The lashing strap set is optimal for front wheel lashing. The set consists of 6 parts: 2 short ratchet parts with double J hook, 2 straps with snap hooks and 2 lashing loops.

Front wheel fastening:
Fasten lashing loops to a suitable attachment point or wheel fork. Then hook the snap hooks of the long strap piece, on both sides, into the lashing loop. After that, hook the ratchet part double J hook into the available eyes/rings on the trailer. Now thread the loose end into the ratchet part and lash down.

technical spezification:

  • Lashing system from Polyester, 6-piece,
  • bandwidth 25 mm
  • 2 x ratchet 0,20 m length, with twin J wire hook
  • 2 x strap 1,50 m length, with clamping lock
  • 2 x lashing sling 0,40 m length
  • quality tested producedly to DIN EN 12195-2
  • with GS sign
  • lashing capacity when pulles directly 750 daN
  • lashing capacity when looped around 1500 daN
  • standard hand force (SHF) 50 daN (kg)
  • standard tension force (STF) 190 daN (kg)
  • german manufacture
  • german manufacture
  • with black letters printed!
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fitting bar, rounded, of aluminium
The fitting bar is using for installation in a transporter, airplane etc. on the load space or side. Lashing straps with special hooks can restores in this fitting bars. The narrow hole raster is suitable for lashing near the load. Simply to operate and robust material.

technical spezification:
fitting bar of aluminium, rounded
to screw on
with continuous integrated slot and hole raster
length 2000,0 mm
width 50,0 mm
depth 6,0 mm
hole diameter 20,0 mm

another length available on request

Construction: We recommend to screw the bar in each third hole, this is equal to the distance of 75 mm. Screw size M6.
double stud fitting with ring
The double stud fitting with ring is a connecting element for lashing systems. It is mostly used for air freight. The fitting can restores in a fitting bar, for load securing. Loose gettable.

technical spezification:
double stud fitting with ring, yellow chromed
breaking strength 2720 kg
producedly to ISO 9788
ring diameter 7,0 mm, diameter inside 42,0 mm
length 60,0 mm