manual force tension measuring unit SpannControl

Tensioning ratchets must be tensioned with a manual force (SHF) of 50 daN (kg) on the tensioning ratchet lever. These 50 daN (kg) are the prerequisite for the respective specified pre-tensioning (STF) force being able to be achieved in the strap and the loads being correctly secured. Practical experience shows however that the required manual force (SHF) is frequently not achieved! The Braun SpannControl system provides assistance: on the one hand, a manual force of only 15 daN (kg) is required thanks to a lever extension. On the other, an LED and a buzzing signal indicate precisely when a manual force of 50 daN (kg) is reached.

The solution - the SpannControl manual force measuring device:
- suitable for all tensioning ratchets
- tensioning is child?s play
- reliable measurement of manual force
- protection of health due to less exertion of force

Technical specifications:
manual force measuring device made of 2 mm thick, rustproof stainless steel, sandblasted
round grip in a comfortable hand width, pivoting to both sides
with integrated buzzer
with signal button on the protected inner side of the bar with light
unlocking flap for releasing the tensioning ratchet grip, with short operating instructions
grab arms for engaging in the tensioning ratchet grip
internal battery set with 9V battery
large insertion opening for all common tensioning ratchet grip widths
impact-proof end caps on both sides

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