lashing system equipment in suitcase for education

lashing system equipment in suitcase for education (134)

The education set in a suitcase is arranged from important articles by lashing systems. Optimally suitable for workshop about the theme lashing equipment. The set consists of two lashing straps, one round sling, two edge protections and two lashing calculators. Delivered in a robust suitcase.
technical spezification:
2 Lashing system from 100 % Polyester, two-piece lashing strap
1 x with original ratchet from Braun and 1 x with valuable ratchet
with twin J wirehook
50 mm bandwidth
length 8,0 m, length ratchetpart 0,50 m
quality tested producedly to DIN EN 12195-2
lashing capacity when pulles directly 2000 daN
lashing capacity when looped around 4000 daN
manual force (SHF) 50 daN (kg)
tension achieved (STF) 540 daN (kg) / 400 daN (kg)

1 x round sling from 100 % Polyester, single jacket round sleeve
core of behaviour stretching Polyester
circumference 2,0 m, effective length 1,0 m
color violet with 1 woven black identification stripes
safety factor 7:1
quality tested producedly to DIN EN 1492-2

2 x tension calculator in a handy pocket size
with integrated goniometry

1 x strap protection of polyurethan
size 300,0 mm x 100,0 mm
to thread in the lashing strap, free to position

1 x edge protection of polyvinylchlorid
suitable for strap widths up to 75,0 mm

1 x anti-slip mat 8 mm size, 20 cm x 10 cm

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